Airlock Express Is On The Road Again

Prater's Airlock Express Demonstration Van

The engines of Prater’s Airlock Express are still warm from this summer’s Great Western US Airlock Express Tour and now we are heading East. The Airlock Express van is on the road again for 16 weeks traveling from Illinois to the North East United States, then down the east coast, across the gulf coast states and finishing up through the mid-south.

Will are bringing our traveling display of Rotary Airlocks, Rotary Sifters, Lump Breakers, Fine Grinders and more to various stops across the Eastern and Southern United States. Without going any further than your company’s parking lot, you can get product demonstrations, training and maintenance tips for increasing the effectiveness of your material handling and particle processing systems.

We will also showcase and explain how pairing our processing equipment with industry leading magnetic separator products from Industrial Magnetics, Inc. will help you improve processing efficiency, product purity and equipment protection. It is our goal to assist you and your company get the most out of your material handling and particle processing experience.

The Airlock Express and its team of experts are ready to visit you! Call 1-877-AIRLOCK today to schedule a stop at your company today. We look forward to seeing you.

The Airlock Express Is A Unique One-of-a-kind Demonstration Van

  • Get hands on experience with Prater Industries and Industrial Magnetics, Inc. equipment
  • Discover the competitive advantages of our industry leading equipment
  • Receive detailed maintenance tips and demonstrations on how to maximize your equipment’s life span and performance.
  • Have all of your questions answered

October 3rd through October 7th – Week 1

Prater to Columbus OH: Tony Lopez is in the van this week as he travels from Bolingbrook through Michigan on his way to Columbus Ohio..

October 10th through October 14th – Week 2

Columbus and the Greater Ohio Area: Tony is all over Ohio this week. If you are in Ohio, there is a good chance that we’ll be near you.

October 17th through October 21st – Week 3

Ohio to Pittsburgh PA: Collins McGeorge gives Tony a break and takes the Airlock Express from Ohio to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

October 24th through October 28th – Week 4

Pittsburgh PA to Albany NY: Brent McIntosh is in the driver seat as he travels from Pittsburgh to Albany New York.

October 31st through November 4th – Week 5

Albany NY to Newark NJ: Tony takes over at the wheel and works his way to Newark New Jersey.

November 7th through November 11th – Week 6

Newark NJ to Virginia: Melissa Fink hits the road and travels all over from New Jersey, through Maryland to Baltimore.

November 14th through November 18th – Week 7

Baltimore to Charlotte NC: Brent is back on board as he heads on around Virginia and West Virginia on his way down through North Carolina.

November 28th through December 2nd – Week 8

Charlotte NC to Atlanta GA: Darrell Malczewski picks up where Brent left off and travels through North and South Carolina on his way to Georgia.

December 5th through December 9th – Week 9

Atlanta GA to Orlando FL: Brent can’t stay away as he is back to take the van around the Peach Tree State and then down into Florida this week.

December 12th through December 16th – Week 10

Orlando FL to Mobile AL: Darrell enjoys the southern weather as he heads across Florida from Daytona Beach, to Orlando, over to Tampa Bay and then up to Mobile Alabama.

December 19th through December 23rd – Week 11

Mobile AL to New Orleans LA: Fergus Keane makes his first appearance on the tour as he hops on board to take the van around the beautiful state of Alabama and Mississippi before his final resting place in New Orleans.

January 9th through January 13th – Week 12

New Orleans LA to Houston TX: Darrell takes the Airlock Express through the rest of the Gulf States en route to Houston Texas.

January 16th through January 20th – Week 13

Houston TX to Oklahoma City OK: Kyle Fritz takes the van north through The Lone Star State on his way to Oklahoma City.

January 23rd through January 27th – Week 14

Oklahoma City OK to Memphis TN: Darrell circles back around to see some valued customers as he heads east to Memphis Tennessee.

January 30th through February 3rd – Week 15

Memphis TN to Knoxville TN: Brent travels across The Volunteer State with Jim Robbins and Associates, our local Representative, singing “Rocky Top” the whole way.

February 6th through February 10th – Week 16

Knoxville TN to Prater: The final week. Tony Lopez will be making many stops on his way as he takes the Airlock Express back home to Prater from Tennessee through Kentucky and Indiana.