Airlock Express 2016 Tour


For 13 weeks this summer, the Prater Airlock Express will bring its traveling display of Rotary Airlocks, Lump Breakers, Fine Grinders and more to various stops across the Western United States. Without going any further than your company’s parking lot, you can get product demonstrations, training and maintenance tips for increasing the effectiveness of your material handling and particle processing systems. We are also proud to be partnering with Industrial Magnetics, Inc. to showcase some of their industry leading magnetic separation products.

Prater Airlock Express Tour

The Great Western Airlock Express Tour is all about helping people and companies get the most out of their material handling and particle processing experience. The Airlock Express and its team of experts are ready to visit you! Call 1-877-AIRLOCK today to schedule a stop at your company today. We look forward to seeing you.

The Airlock Express Is A Unique One-of-a-kind Demonstration Van

  • Get hands on experience with Prater Industries and Industrial Magnetics, Inc. equipment
  • Discover the competitive advantages of our industry leading equipment
  • Receive detailed maintenance tips and demonstrations on how to maximize your equipment’s life span and performance.
  • Have all of your questions answered

Bolingbrook, IL to Omaha, NE – Week 1

May 16th – May 20th: Week one started off great with visits all over Nebraska. If you didn’t get to see Fergus and Brent this week, keep your eyes open at the beginning of next week or give us a call to set up a future time to visit. Below are a few images of our trip.

Prater Airlock Express
Prater Airlock Express
Prater Airlock Express
Prater Airlock Express

Omaha, NE to Denver, CO – Week 2

May 23rd – 27th: Be on the lookout for Darrell as he takes the van to Denver. Check back for details or give us a call.

Prater Visits Diamond Vogel
Prater Visits Diamond Vogel

Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT – Week 3

May 31st – June 3rd Ryan has had some great stops in Colorado at Dawn Foods, Ski Bum Rum, Coorstek, RFI Ingredients and many more companies as he heads to Salt Lake City.

Prater Airlock Express Stops in Colorado
Prater Airlock Express Stops in Colorado

Salt Lake City, UT to Spokane, WA – Week 4

June 13th – June 17th: Fergus once again joins the tour as it heads to Spokane.

Spokane, WA to Sacramento, CA – Week 5

June 20th – June 24th: Ryan takes the keys back from Fergus this week and rolls the tour south to Sacramento.
Prater Airlock Express travels to Washington

Sacramento, CA to Los Angeles, CA – Week 6

June 27th – July 1st: Brent is on board and ready to cruise to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA to Tucson, AZ – Week 7

July 11th – July 15th: This was another outstanding week with the van with many enjoyable stops! Things are really heating up.
Prater Airlock Express Visits San Diego

The Greater Arizona Area- Week 8

July 18th – July 22th: Its was a great time in the Prater Airlock Express as we traveled around the great state of Arizona with Chris Baker, our local APSCO Rep.
Prater Airlock Express Visits Bimbo Bakeries

Tucson, AZ to Amarillo, TX – Week 9

July 25th – July 29th: We have made a lot of great stops in Arizona and New Mexico this week and now we are rolling into Texas where we’ll be for the next three weeks. So, give us a call if you’re in the area and would like us to stop by.
Prater Airlock Express Arrives in Texas

Amarillo, TX to Dallas, TX – Week 10

August 1st – August 5th: Ryan is going to take a break and let Darrell take it from here to Dallas with a detour through Oklahoma.

Dallas, TX to Houston and the Greater Texas Area – Week 11

August 8th – August 12th: Our local Reps, Roger Hanks and Lewis Parker, from PneuVey Systems will travel with the van all over Texas this week.

Houston, TX to Little Rock, AR – Week 12

August 15th – August 19th: Brent takes the wheel this week as the Airlock Express rocks into Little Rock.

Little Rock, AR to Bolingbrook, IL – Week 13

August 22th – August 26th: The final week. Darrell travels with our local Rep, Jim Robbins and Associates, and brings it on back home to Prater.
Prater Airlock Express Visits Little Rock Arkansas