Particle Size Enlargement Solutions

For improved flow, superior solubility, excellent dust control and reliable waste by-products recovery, explore Prater’s compactors and briquetters for the most beneficial methods of controlling particle size. Compacting and briquetting powder and bulk solid material effectively controls particle size by avoiding both contamination and dust issues. Our industrial compactors compact “off spec” fines into good product and turns over 90% of scrap or reject into usable and salable product. This ensures a quicker return on investment by significantly reducing the volume of
waste and excess product. Additionally, our industrial size compactors were designed to convert hazardous or nuisance dust into easier-to-handle forms to resolve any environmental or flow problems. By increasing the bulk density to reduce storage volume, customers are able to retain product integrity, reduce handling costs and maximize shipping weights for the most budget-friendly flexibility available.

Easy maintenance means that you will never have to struggle again to perform preventative measures. Our industrial compactors and briquetters are available in a variety of models, including heavy or severe-duty, to ensure that your final product is the exact size, shape and density that you require. Using counter-rotating rolls to apply pressure designed to make materials denser; it is then transported into the nip area between the rolls by single or inter-meshing multiple screw-feeders. Compression is achieved as the volume of material entering the nip area is squeezed through the rolls, which provides improved compression over competitive products.