Prater compactorsAgglomeration is the process of creating larger particles or a more dense product. We use a unique design to densify materials by applying pressure or by combining pressure with heat, binding agents or moisture. Compacting requires smooth or corrugated press rolls to produce a sheet of densified material. This sheet may be granulated to a desired size. Briquetting utilizes the same principles but uses pocketed rolls to densify and form the material into a specific shape.

Compactors for Particle Enlargement

Prater’s compaction capabilities are used by companies of all sizes around the globe to improve flow, solubility, dust control and waste by-products recovery. Not only are compactors and briquetters versatile and energy efficient, but they provide an unparalleled capability to closely regulate exact final product characteristics through its control of feed rate, pressure and roll speed. As a result, the customer can produce a final product in the size, shape and density with the solubility, friability, and flowability required to effectively process the material.

When purchasing industrial compactors from Prater, customers can be confident that their machine will compact “off spec” fines into usable product, turn over 90% of scrap or reject into salable product, convert hazardous or nuisance dust into an easier-to-handle form, reduce the volume of waste or excess product and resolve many environmental or flow problems. Increased material density through the process of particle size enlargement ensures cost-effective flexibility to increase bulk density, reduce storage volume, retain product integrity, reduce handling costs and maximize shipping weights.


Prater CompactorsOur compactors and briquetters provide effective methods for controlling particle size to avoid both contamination and dust issues.

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