Rotary Airlock Valves

airlock rotary valve feeder Rotary Airlock Valves are a type of rotary feeder and are sometimes referred to as a Rotary Valve or Star Valve. They provide feeding and metering functionality as well as an optimal “air lock” preventing air pressure loss at gravity feed to pneumatic feed transition points. Prater Rotary Airlock Valves are used worldwide throughout a large variety of industrial and agricultural bulk and specialty material handling systems. We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom built airlock rotary valve products that can immediately improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your feeding and metering operations compared to other rotary valve brands.

Why choose a Prater Rotary Airlock?

After years of engineering and manufacturing rotary airlocks, we consider ourselves proven experts on the various rotary airlock designs available to our customers. Prater understands that temperature, pressure, size and construction plays a very significant role in processing various materials, which is why all of our rotary valves are carefully machined for those unique specifications. Each of our rotary airlocks can be individually customized to your exact processing specifications to ensure optimal, reliable and worry-free operation that meets your precise needs.

NFPA-69 Tested and Passed

In February of 2015 Prater Rotary Airlock Valves were tested at the Fike® Remote Testing Facility according to guidance found in NFPA-69. Fike® concluded that Prater Rotary Valves were structurally sound, exhibited no visually observable plastic deformation in any test and successfully isolated the protection region from flame propagation.

Our rotary airlocks have an innovative larger pocket design that allows up to 50% more volume which enables the rotor to run at lower speeds than other manufacturers’ rotary valve feeders. Pair this with our exclusive self-adjusting packing glands and you have a rotary airlock valve feeder that provides minimum air leakage, a longer life, less maintenance and a higher return on your investment.

Other standard features such as our precision casting, CNC machining, compact design and universal mounting flanges allow for a versatile material handling air lock product that can fit virtually every existing bolt hole pattern and replace any existing rotary valve.

If you have a need for a rotary feeder, please consider the added “air lock” benefit of a Prater Rotary Airlock Valve. We are confident that we can help improve your bulk material handling and conveying efficiency.

Contact Prater today and discuss your rotary valve application with one of our rotary airlock valve account managers. They can quickly help you select the best rotary airlock for your application and recommend specific options to meet your processing requirements.

Keep up the pressure on your processing systems and competition with the help of a Rotary Airlock Valve from Prater. We are dedicated to offering the highest-quality rotary airlock options to ensure the appropriate feeding, metering and control of materials.

Rotary Airlock Case Studies

Prater Rotary Airlock Valve Products

Abrasion Resistant Rotary Airlock:

Abrasion Resistant Airlock Rotary Valve

Our Abrasion Resistant Rotary Airlock Valve is considered our most durable rotary valve as it is most frequently chosen to handle highly abrasive products.

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Dust Collector Rotary Airlock:

Dust Collector Airlock Rotary Valve

Our Dust Collector Series Rotary Airlock is a budget-friendly, economical rotary airlock feeder; choice for general use under dust collectors, cyclones and hoppers.

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Heavy Duty PAV Rotary Airlock:

Heavy Duty Airlock Rotary Valve

Our Heavy-Duty (PAV) Series Rotary Airlock is an ideal rotary valve choice for handling many dry, free-flowing powders where a pressure differential exists.

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Quick Take Apart Airlock:

Quick Take Apart Airlock Rotary Valve

Our Quick-Take-Apart (QTA) Series Rotary Airlock was designed specifically for applications where frequent removal of the rotary valve internals is necessary such as “Clean in Place” systems.

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Quick Take Apart Airlock on Rails:

Quick Take Apart Airlock Rotary Valve on Rails

Our Quick-Take-Apart Rail Series Rotary Airlock has a unique design with three times more load capacity than most other manufacturers’ rotary feeder valves. The rail design protects the rotor from dropping in awkward locations and allows for quick reassembly to maximize up-time.

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Sanitary Rotary Airlock Valve:

Sanitary Rotary Airlock Valve

Our Sanitary Rotary Airlock valves are constructed from high quality stainless steel and they contain cutting-edge design features that allow for easy tool-less access for maintenance and sanitation.

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