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Process dry materials to exceptional fineness and uniformity over an extensive array of feed variations.

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For applications that require sifting, scalping, screening, and/or classifying, explore Prater’s rotary sifters, vibratory screeners and air classifiers to find the ideal product customized to your exact specifications. Our MAC Air Classifier is highly efficient and equipped with an external fines collector. Renowned for its high capacity abilities, low power consumption, and self-cleaning capabilities make this an ideal air classifier for sticky products. These units process dry materials to exceptional fineness and uniformity over an extensive array of feed variations, either in closed-circuit with a conventional milling system or as an independent, “stand-alone” system incorporating feeder, fan and product collection equipment in one unit.

Prater’s rotary sifters are available in several models, including centrifugal sifters and mini-sifters. Offering more throughput capacity per screen area than conventional screening equipment, our rotary sifters’ maintenance-friendly design allows for easy access to the sieve chamber and other internal working parts. Changing or replacing screens takes only minutes and no tools are required for screen-frame assembly changes.

No matter what your particle sizing and separation needs may be, over 6,000 customers around the world have trusted Prater’s powder and bulk material processing equipment, including our air classifiers, rotary (centrifugal) sifters and more, to efficiently meet their operational goals.

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