Prater Airlock Express

Call 1-877-AIRLOCK today to request your FREE product demonstration.

The Airlock Express, a unique one-of-a-kind airlock demonstration van, and its team of Rotary Airlock Experts are on the move!
Over 250 businesses have been visited since 2014 and your business could be next.

Benefits of the Airlock Express for Potential Customers:

  • Get hands-on experience with Prater equipment
  • Familiarize yourself with the variety of airlocks and coatings available
  • Gain understanding of Prater’s competitive advantages
  • Receive a demonstration on how to change out packings without having to remove the endplate. The Prater Rotary Airlock Valve is one of the only airlocks on the market with this feature.
  • Have all of your questions answered

Benefits of the Airlock Express for Current Customers:

  • Become familiar with options to extend the life of your current Rotary Airlock Valve
  • Get detailed maintenance tips to increase the speed of the process and increase the performance of the machine
  • Have all of your questions answered

What customers are saying about the Airlock Express:

“It’s like having the Powder Show come to you”

“Really great to see the equipment before purchasing”

“Having all the decision-makers together in one space for a demonstration makes purchasing decisions a lot faster and less painful”

“The maintenance guys appreciated having someone on-site to answer questions”

“Choosing options is easier when the benefits can be demonstrated”

What Our Manufacturer’s reps are saying about the Airlock Express:

“The Prater Demo Van is a great way to get customers hands-on familiarity with the Prater Airlocks. It makes a big difference when you have a chance to see the piece of equipment and have a hands-on tutorial with it before ordering. Rarely do we get the opportunity to show a customer what the new technology and equipment really look like and point out the details.”

— Ryan T. Hill
Engineered Equipment Sales Inc.