Prater Industries is a proud member of a number of different organizations and associations.

PEMA® is a top management association serving companies in the process equipment field since 1960. Member companies serve the liquids-solids separation, food processing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and wastewater treatment markets, among others. Process equipment means equipment required when using physical or chemical methods for mechanical and/or thermal treatment or processing of a raw material or product.

Since 1918, the members of BEMA have realized the need to provide consumers with the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible price. They knew this could only be accomplished by continually improving the efficiency of production and establishing sanitation standards. Through the exchange of information, active involvement on committees and participation in educational seminars, BEMA members are continually able to increase the efficiency and sophistication of their equipment while keeping design in adherence with Baking Industry Standards Committee (BISSC) codes.

The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BAKING (ASB), formerly known as the American Society of Bakery Engineers, is a professional society comprised of members who are either engaged in, involved with, or interested in wholesale or large-scale bakery production, grain science, engineering, research, quality assurance and food safety.