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State-of-the-art industrial processing equipment and systems for a variety of industries.

Prater provides industries of all types with the most advanced, state-of-the-art industrial processing equipment and systems for processing of dry powder and bulk solid materials. We have continued to grow in our over 90 years in business and expanded our operations to include high-quality, durable material processing equipment to industries all over the world. Our versatile equipment can be easily used to mill, grind, classify, feed, blend, finish, size, sift, break lumps,  and separate to efficiently produce your desired output.

Industries We Serve

On a larger scale, our advanced systems design and integration capabilities allow us to fully customize and develop a complete processing solution from start to finish, for companies worldwide. We understand that all industries have different output expectations and standards, and, as a result, we ensure that our machinery offers many diverse, customizable features to meet those specific applications. With over 6,000 customers in 160 countries around the world, our extensive experience, comprehensive product offerings and dedication to customer service have consistently set Prater apart from the others.

Our industries served around the globe have trusted us for efficient, reliable and cost-effective methods to develop their processes further. From the paint and coatings companies that rely on Prater to grind their pigments and resins to the nutrition companies that require us to grind their herbs and vitamins, we guarantee unmatched results without compromising quality or satisfaction.

Contact Prater today to discover more about the industries we serve and why they have continued to use our powder and bulk solids processing equipment for over 90 years. We ensure that our equipment and systems can process materials to their exact specifications.