Quick Take Apart Rotary Airlock Valve on Rails

Prater Quick Take Apart QTA Airlock Valve on Rails

Whether you are interested in our QTA Series or another one of our popular rotary airlocks, Prater has the solutions that you need for the smooth processing operation that you want. Contact our airlock team today to discuss your needs and let us help you choose the products best suited for your requirements.

  • Tool-less access for immediate access and maintenance
  • Self centering rotor and rail design for quick reassembly to maximize uptime
  • Rail design protects against dropping of the rotor in awkward locations
  • Quick and easy disassembly for inspection and clearing of jams or plugging
  • Available in sizes from 6 inch through 12 inch
  • CNC machined components for precision clearances
  • Direct drive design which allows for fewer moving parts and no pinch points
  • Self-adjusting packing glands for continued packing pressure
  • Standard eight vane beveled tip design which provides relief so the rotor can travel smoothly through material
  • Rail design has 3X load capacity vs. competition

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