Fine Grinders

More capacity, better dust control, simple maintenance, and precise control of particle size and distribution.
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Prater’s fine grinders allow customers more capacity, better dust control, simple maintenance, standard safety features and precise control of the finished particle size and distribution. The large screen area to horsepower ratio allows for more capacity than other fine grinders on the market. Our fine grinders’ outboard bearing design and dual o-ring seals on the large access door and ensures a more dust-controlled grinding environment. Additionally, quick and easy removal of the reversible rotor is possible with the removal of one bolt, allowing rotor blades to be efficiently replaced without any further balancing of the rotor.

Fine Grinder Case Studies

M Series Fine Grinder:

Fine Grinder

The “M” Series fine grinders are designed to grind dry, free-flowing material down to 200 mesh with extremely tight particle size distribution. This highly efficient machine ensures easy access to all internal areas and is perfect for heat-sensitive materials, such as resins, sugars and powder coatings. Notable features include a final product size between 60 – 200 mesh, external bearing assembly, a dynamically balanced reversible rotor assembly, ensured tight clearances between rotors and fixed grinding elements and a dual o-ring door seal with floating door hinge for positive sealing.

10-Bar Fine Grinder:

10 bar fine grinder

We are introducing a new model of fine grinders for processing materials in explosive environments such as sugar grinding from (4X to 12X) with a single pass mill. They are designed for explosion pressure shock resistance up to 10 bar (145 psi).

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