About Prater

Quality, reliable equipment for a broad range of processing and manufacturing industries.

Prater Industries is a dynamic manufacturing company with a century-old tradition of providing excellence in industrial equipment and solutions with a future-focused mindset. With a long history of being at the forefront of manufacturing innovations, we continue to anticipate changes in regulations, technology, and customer demands, and then work hard to meet these challenges head-on. We are an energetic team, always looking for new ways to transform and be at the leading edge of particle separation,  size-reduction, and process solution challenges.  

Company Background

Founded in 1925 by Ralph Prater, Prater Industries (then known as the Prater Pulverizing Company) began by designing and manufacturing hammermills for the growing feed industry. The company continued as an intrepid, family-run business for decades.

As new opportunities presented themselves, Prater’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in to produce a wide variety of novel product and application solutions, including lump/cake/flake breakers, hammermills, fine grinders, air classifying mills, deck screeners, rotary sifters, and air classifiers as well as a full line of rotary airlock valves.

Today, Prater Industries operates under the IMI Holding Corporation umbrella and continues to thrive by providing ingenious and creative solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.   

Our Customers

We are proud to serve a diverse set of clients in a vast array of industries:

Our Purpose

Simply stated, Prater brings people together to provide process solutions that feed, nurture, and house the world.

What We Do

We develop and provide innovative, tailored material size reduction, separation, and process solutions.

How We Work Makes a Difference

We don’t just supply products, equipment, and application solutions. Our culture is key to your and our success.  Our culture is built on these key behaviors:

• Integrity
• Delivering Results
• Customer Focus
• Resilience
• Innovation
• Teamwork & Collaboration
• Continuous Improvement
• Adapting to Change

Our Success is Your Success

We design our products with value in mind. Our success occurs when your business gets the products and services that propel you forward. We are focused on delivering a higher level of application knowledge than anyone else in our operating arena. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our customers to create optimal business outcomes.

Our Differentiators

Here are some of our differentiating characteristics:

  • Flat Organization. We are nimble and can move fast.
  • Tailored Solutions. Each of our customers is unique, and so is our approach to our collaborative efforts.
  • We Push the Envelope. We are not afraid of novel solutions. It’s part of our can-do modus operandi.
  • It’s Not Just the Sale. We stand by our customers and support our equipment no matter how long it has been in use. We frequently work with satisfied, long-term customers whose Prater equipment has been in use for 50+ years.
  • We are Growth-Focused. “Status Quo” is not in our vocabulary. We are continuously developing new product and application solutions. We really are young at heart.

Our Products

Our product line is continuously growing and developing. Some of our main product lines include:

When you buy a solution from Prater today, our engineers and technicians will help support and maintain your particle size reduction, separation, and process systems in the future. Please contact us with any questions.