Pharmaceutical Industry

Prater provides pharmaceutical processing equipment and systems to a plethora of major global industries. We deliver the necessary pharmaceutical solutions for powder and bulk solid materials to meet various application requirements, within budget and to the customer’s satisfaction on a consistent basis. Our client base has expanded to include some of the largest names in the industry. We are proud to work with Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Proctor and Gamble, and many other companies large and small within the industry and throughout the world. These prominent institutions realize the effectiveness of our proven successful pharmaceutical processing capabilities and have entrusted us to meet their needs for many decades.

Prater has recognized our customers’ needs for reliable, adaptable pharmaceutical processing equipment and systems that remain efficient throughout the years. Our pharmaceutical processing equipment is completely customizable, boasting the ability to grind and separate materials or compact and weigh them. Our mills and grinders can reduce particle sizes down to micron/mesh measurements for the most optimum particle management solutions.

Our pharmaceutical processing equipment solutions include:

Additionally, a sample of our equipment used throughout the industry includes: