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Chemical & Mineral Processing Industry

When handling abrasive, volatile or sensitive chemicals and minerals, you may require the most durable and adaptable processing equipment for handling powder and bulk solid material. Prater has custom-designed their customers’ chemical and mineral processing equipment and systems with respect to all of the specific requirements within the application.

For over 90 years, we have created customized solutions for companies both large and small that frequently utilize chemical and mineral processing equipment. We work with major industry leaders, such as Borden Chemical, DuPont, and DOW, to better assist them in maintaining and increasing their level of efficiency and productivity. Our specialized chemical processing and mineral processing equipment and systems have been used all over the world, standing the test of time and reliability. With a client base spanning well over 6,000 customers, we encourage you to explore our innovative products, their features and benefits, and why you should rely on Prater to provide solutions to your material processing application.

Our powder and bulk solid chemical and mineral processing solutions include:

Additionally, our chemical processing equipment and mineral processing equipment offerings spans many industrial processing needs.

Prater can provide:

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