Toll Processing

Expertise in process engineering for custom toll processing.

With over 90 years of experience in manufacturing processing equipment and systems, Prater has the knowledge, expertise, and innovation to customize processing solutions for each of their customers’ powder and bulk solids handling applications. Prater’s sales and engineering teams work closely with their customers from the start to create the perfect, long-term solution for their processing requirements. Our valuable experience in toll grinding, toll milling, toll manufacturing and separation of dry bulk solids has allowed Prater to expand their expertise in process engineering for custom toll processing. Our extensive test database often allows us to provide preliminary pricing and delivery schedules within one or two days of product receipt.

Toll Processing Overview (PDF)

Prater’s toll processing services have helped customers to test-market a new product prior to investing in new processing equipment. We maintain full-size production equipment in our Toll Lab so that large quantities for market testing, emergency production or product development can be processed for our customers. Incoming and finished particles are tested for moisture and size distribution on the latest computerized analyzing devices available. Various types of dry industrial materials can be completely processed and packaged in sizes ranging from 6 inches all the way to 2 micron.

Toll Processing Case Studies

Toll Processing Application Story (PDF)

Our extensive range of toll manufacturing capabilities includes processing of industrial material by particle size reduction, sifting/scalping, reprocessing and packaging of customers’ materials.

If testing is necessary, our state-of-the-art testing facility allows for a quick turnaround to provide you with the necessary information.

Our Analytical Laboratory offers an accurate characterization of the feed and finished materials using current sieving and laser technologies. Using computerized, laser-beam analyzers that are particle-sized, along with other standard testing devices, we ensure a thorough evaluation of raw material that will later become your finished product. The actual, physical process in particle reduction, sizing, separation, granulation, feeding, and metering is faithfully reproduced. This data dictates the exact operating characteristics needed to exactly match your requirements.

Prater’s capabilities are much broader than simply supplying equipment. We take pride in solving processing problems with customized solutions created from a wide range of applications in various industries around the world. For many decades, we have provided both large and small companies with the most cost-effective process solutions to meet their specific application needs.

Get in touch with Prater today to make arrangements for your next test or toll project. You can then ship your materials via rail, bulk cars, totes, super sacks, drums, bags or boxes to the appropriate tolling facility to begin the process.