Quick Clean Lump Breaker

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Prater Quick Clean Lump Breaker Open

Prater engineers have designed and manufactured a Quick Clean Lump Breaker that is easier and safer to maintain than traditional lump breakers. The Quick Clean Lump Breaker is inspired by the design of our Quick-Take-Apart series of Rotary Airlock Valves and shares similar design elements such as a direct drive and tool-less access end-plates. The end-plates are also mounted to a sliding rail system and provide the easiest and safest access to the internals of the unit.

Traditionally, to maintain a lump breaker, a user had to remove the heavy end-plates with tools, pull the end-plate off, remove the unwieldy rotor, complete the cleaning, and then reassemble. Now the cleaning is done by simply removing fasteners on the endplate and sliding the rotor out. No other manufacturer offers a product such as this.

The Quick Clean Lump Breaker reduces down-time, increases safety all while providing improved product flow for a variety of applications including sugar, salt, chemicals, cereal, kiln dust, resin, pigment, filter cake, pasta, fertilizer and more. This equipment can be used to reduce natural agglomeration, which can occur during storage/shipping, or reduce material deliberately compacted in densification processing or in recycling or waste disposal applications without creating dust.

Prater Quick Clean Lump Breaker Features and Benefits

  • Tool-less end-plate design for immediate access and maintenance
  • Quick-clean design reduces maintenance time and cost
  • Rail design improves ergonomics of handling the rotor in awkward or dangerous locations
  • Direct drive design allows for fewer moving parts and no pinch points
  • Heavy-duty single-shaft rotor
  • Easily replaceable rotating and fixed blades
  • Drilled for air purge seals
  • Low-profile for easy installation and maintenance
  • Reduces lumps from 6” to 1/16” without product degradation or dust generation
  • Economical means of reducing compacted material
  • Breaks lumps and improves product flow for a variety of applications
  • Reduces natural agglomeration
Materials often processed in Quick Clean Lump Breakers include:
  • Aluminum Fluoride and Aluminum Silicate
  • Ash
  • Barium Sulphate
  • Bentonite Flakes
  • Borate Ore
  • Boric Acid
  • Boron
  • Calcium Chloride and Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Chicken Litter
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Citric Acid
  • Clay
  • Cocoa Lumps
  • Coconut
  • Compacted Mugwort
  • Cookies
  • Copper Hydroxide
  • Detergents
  • Dextrose Lumps
  • Dog Biscuits and Dog Food
  • Dried Biosolids and Dried Bread
  • Expeller Cake
  • Fertilizer
  • Filter Cake
  • Food Casings
  • Granola Bars
  • Hectabrite Flakes
  • Isocyanate Flakes
  • Kiln Dust
  • Kraton Pellets
  • Magnabrite Flakes
  • Maltodextrin
  • Melamine
  • Mustard Cake
  • Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Nucel Dope
  • Paper Waste
  • Pasta Shells
  • Phenolic Resin and Polyester Resin
  • Potassium
  • Potato Starch Flakes and Resin Flakes
  • Road Salt
  • Rubber
  • Salt Flakes
  • Shellac
  • Soap Screenings
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate
  • Sterol Lumps
  • Sugar
  • Sulphur
  • T-Butylacrylamide
  • Toner Flakes
  • Tunnel Yeast Noodles
  • Turf
  • Vitamin E Succinate

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