Agricultural Industry

Prater has been the top choice for dry, bulk material processing equipment throughout the agricultural industry for over 90 years. Our processing equipment is designed specifically for the agricultural industry and is ideal for grinding, milling, sifting, feeding, and batching. Many customers throughout the world rely on our machinery to facilitate the easy, efficient processing of materials.

Grain Processing Equipment

Some of our most popular processing equipment includes fine grinders, hammer mills and rotary airlocks for processing materials such as wheat, grain, corn, oats, barley, sugar cane, maize, fertilizer, fibers, plants, raw materials, and biomass.

In addition to simply being effective, our agricultural processing equipment is engineered to be durable, reliable, and last for many years. With decades of experience servicing this industry, Prater understands the need for high-capacity, tough, self-cleaning agricultural machinery that is both low maintenance and economical. Our innovative designs offer state-of-the-art functionality built from the advanced technology that we incorporate into our machinery for proven convenience and efficiency. Our agricultural processing equipment and systems are developed for the following:

We offer a wide range of customizable machinery to meet the needs of these solutions, such as:

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