Chemicals & Minerals

Particle Size Reduction & Handling for Chemicals & Minerals

Prater Industries is instrumental in serving the chemicals and minerals industry through its innovative solutions designed to optimize particle management and material handling processes.


In the chemicals sector, precise particle size control is essential for achieving desired product characteristics and performance. Prater’s range of particle size reduction equipment, including hammer mills, crushers, and air classifiers, enables chemical manufacturers to finely grind or micronize raw materials to the exact specifications required for their products. Whether it’s processing chemicals for pharmaceuticals, pigments for paints, or additives for polymers, Prater’s equipment ensures consistent particle size distribution, enhancing product quality and performance.

Prater offers specialized equipment for handling abrasive or corrosive materials commonly found in the chemicals industry. Its robust material handling solutions, such as rotary airlocks, pneumatic conveying systems, and screw feeders, are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions while efficiently transporting bulk materials throughout the production process. This ensures smooth material flow, minimizes downtime, and optimizes operational efficiency.


In the minerals industry, where the processing of ores, rocks, and aggregates is paramount, Prater’s expertise in particle size reduction and material handling is equally indispensable. Its rugged hammer mills, pulverizers, and crushers are capable of reducing minerals to the desired particle size for applications ranging from mineral processing to construction materials.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Prater’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends to the chemicals and minerals industry. The company collaborates closely with chemical manufacturers, mining companies, and mineral processors to understand their unique requirements and challenges, offering customized solutions and comprehensive support services to ensure the optimal performance of its equipment.

Prater plays a vital role in the chemicals and minerals industry by providing advanced solutions for particle management and material handling, enabling manufacturers to achieve precise product specifications, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. To learn more contact us today!

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