Mining and Mineral Processing Equipment

For nearly a century Prater Industries has been an innovator in mining and mineral processing equipment. Manufacturers throughout the world recognize Prater’s ingenious solutions for a wide variety of mineral processing applications. We work with our customers to create versatile and customizable systems that suit their particular needs. Prater provides equipment to many sectors that use, handle, and reduce minerals as a critical part of their fabrication process, including mining, construction, steel, recycling, and other industries.

Mineral Processing Manufacturers 

Prater designs, manufactures, repairs, and maintains mineral processing equipment and systems that serve companies all along the value chain and throughout the mineral processing industry. Our equipment can also be customized to suit a particular manufacturer’s needs. We offer a wide array of solutions that allow manufacturers to process minerals by reducing particle size and feeding, metering, classifying, and separating these materials. 

When it comes to mineral processing, equipment manufacturers’ reduction needs include:

Mineral Processing Equipment

What is it? It is essentially any equipment used to mill, classify, grind, finish, blend, separate, break up lumps or otherwise reduce minerals to particle sizes used for a manufacturer’s specific applications. 

Prater’s equipment includes:

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