In addition to supplying the Rotormill, IPEC will design and deliver complete grinding or drying and grinding systems including feeding, collection, blending, and packaging equipment including the necessary electrical controls.
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rotordryer gifPulverizing Machine And Dryer Systems

IPEC (International Process Equipment Company) was established in 1984 and began manufacturing and offering Rotordryers® shortly thereafter. Prater Industries acquired IPEC and its quality product lines in 2021. The acquisition enabled Prater to build on the IPEC legacy of manufacturing, supplying outstanding equipment, and reaching a more diverse spectrum of industries.

The Rotordryer® comprises two major components: A Rotormill combined with a heat source to create a spin flash drying system. This pair allows for the milling and drying high-moisture materials and slurried mixtures.

Rotormill and Rotordryer® systems are ideal for industrial processes requiring continuous fine milling at high production rates, simultaneous drying and milling of high moisture materials, simultaneous mixing or coating during milling, and fiber fluffing.

Rotordryers® can be used in various industrial applications, including biomass, poultry, gasification, hemp, industrial sludge, etc.

Rotordryers® provide reliable performance over a long lifespan. They can accommodate a wide range of materials and sizes. They permit you to expedite your manufacturing or processing workflow efficiently.

Here are some of the benefits of IPEC Rotordryers:

  • Long gap design eliminates the need for screens that can choke or wear
  • Flash drying and grinding in one step
  • Rapid, efficient, and uniform drying of wet or damp bulk product
  • No damage to the product during the controlled operation
  • Ease of integration with existing systems
  • Long-term savings on capital and operational costs

Wet or moist material is fed through the feeding system into the grinding and drying section of the dryer’s main body. The grinding rotor disperses the wet material into very fine particles, which are then fluidized in the grinding chamber by temperature-controlled, hot air coming in from the air heater.

The air is maintained at high temperatures while dispersing wet product, causing disaggregation. The disaggregation causes a massive increase in the surface area of the product so that water or other liquids are immediately evaporated.

continuous fine milling simultaneous dry milling simultaneous mixing and coating fiber fluffing

The accompanying schematic illustrates how Prater Rotordryer® can be integrated into your operating stream:

rotormill pulverizer drying system

Let us know how Prater Industries can serve you. We can custom-build almost any milling product needed for your business. We will design and build what you require if you require anything specific in a Rotormill or Rotordryer®. Similarly, if you already own a Prater product and it requires any maintenance or service, contact us for immediate assistance.


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