Particle Management Equipment for a Variety of Industries

Other companies often need powder and bulk material handling equipment and systems for their specific materials that may fall slightly outside the food, baking, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, agricultural, and feed industries. Prater recognizes these other industries and is adept at handling their specific applications. We have worked for over 90 years to create customized solutions for particle management and dry bulk processing that incorporate a multitude of industries.

Powder Coating: Prater provides particle size reduction equipment and air classifiers essential for producing fine and uniform powders used in powder coating applications, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Laboratory: Prater offers precision particle size reduction equipment suitable for laboratory settings, enabling researchers and scientists to efficiently process and analyze various materials with controlled particle sizes.

Bulk Material Processing: Prater’s material handling solutions, including pneumatic conveying systems and rotary airlocks, facilitate the efficient transportation and processing of bulk materials across industries, optimizing production processes and minimizing downtime.

Lithium Ion Batteries: Prater’s particle size reduction equipment plays a crucial role in preparing materials such as graphite and lithium compounds used in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, ensuring uniform particle size distribution for enhanced battery performance.

Recycling: Prater offers shredders and other size reduction equipment for recycling applications, enabling efficient processing of materials like plastics, metals, and electronic waste, contributing to sustainable waste management practices.

Wood Processing: Prater’s hammer mills and grinders are essential for reducing wood and biomass materials to the desired particle size for applications in wood processing, bioenergy production, and pulp and paper manufacturing.

Pet Food/Feed Processing: Prater provides particle size reduction equipment and material handling solutions tailored to the pet food and feed industry, ensuring the production of high-quality products with precise particle size control to meet nutritional standards and consumer preferences.

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