In business since 1925, Prater Industries has produced a variety of processing equipment and components while also providing service for our products. Prater makes machinery and parts to fabricate bakery premixes for commercial and consumer markets within the food processing industry.

Bakery Premix Manufacturing Equipment

Consisting of a blend of ingredients, bakery premixes provide a convenient and efficient baking solution for consumers, industrial bakeries, and food service companies. Containing a mixture of dry ingredients, premixes reduce the tasks needed to produce baked goods, saving time (and money) for both consumers and commercial operations. Prater’s equipment is both durable and versatile, with capabilities for the production of complete bakery premixes, along with dough bases and dough concentrates.

Prater machinery can be used to produce bakery premixes for items that include: 

  • Bread products
  • Cakes
  • Doughnuts
  • Muffins
  • Pancakes
  • Pastries

The popularity of bakery premixes continues to increase yearly, driving sales of easy-to-make bakery products for consumers. For industrial bakeries, premixes simplify recipes, saving time and mitigating human error during production. Given the efficiency that premixes provide both consumers and commercial bakers, it makes sense for food processing companies to expand their premix offerings and for new players to enter the market.


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Equipment for Processing Bakery Premixes

Prater’s rotary sifters offer a means to screen larger particles, while our lump breakers work well for handling clumped ingredients. Our sifters or hammer mills can deagglomerate and divide fine particles in finished blends, including material with high shortening content. Prater can also install our equipment into existing systems or combine our products into a fully working system for your specific application.

Prater equipment for processing bakery premixes includes: 

As the market for bakery premixes continues to grow, Prater will continue to provide a range of innovative equipment for the food processing industry. Please contact Prater today to help determine which type of equipment or system your company requires to meet any equipment needs for making bakery premixes. We have experienced technicians who will be happy to help provide answers to all of your bakery pre-mixture production questions.

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