Prater has proudly served the food and beverage processing industry for over 90 years by providing high-quality food processing equipment to allow companies to produce quality food for the masses. Our advanced Hammer Mills and Lump Breakers are reliable equipment for breaking down food products such as bran flakes, dried beans, and peanut shells into smaller sizes, or breaking lumps in sugar, cocoa, pasta shells, and granola bars. Additionally, Prater’s Centrifugal Rotary Sifter can be used to scalp and divide dry product into two separate entities with ease. All of our main food processing machinery was developed for greater dust collection. This not only helps with general cleanliness and sanitation, but the extensive dust collecting abilities within our food processing machinery ensure an uncontaminated, sterile operation all around

Prater currently serves over 6,000 customers all over the world, many of whom have benefited from our dynamic, durable industrial food processing equipment and systems. We are proud to work with such industry giants as General Mills, Hershey’s, Quaker, Tyson, Domino’s Pizza, ConAgra, and Frito Lay to provide them with the state-of-the-art solutions their operations require. For decades, Prater has maintained our place as a top manufacturer of premium food processing equipment and we invite new customers to explore our powder and bulk handling processing solutions and discover how they can be easily integrated into your operation.

Food Processing Equipment

Our food processing equipment solutions include:

Out of many food processing equipment options, some of our most innovative and widely used among major companies all over the world include:

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