Preventative Maintenance Service

Prater Preventative Maintenance Program

Prater Industries is pleased to offer our Preventive Maintenance Service to our equipment customers. We find that customers who schedule routine inspection/maintenance of their equipment experience less down time, reduce annual parts costs, and ultimately optimize their system’s performance.

What you receive:

During regularly scheduled annual or semi-annual preventive maintenance visits, our factory-trained technician will complete the following tests, inspections, and required services:

  • Inspect Mill support structure to verify secure mounting
  • Tension and laser align all belts and pulleys
  • Verify secure motor mounting and motor balance
  • Disassemble and inspect bearing housing and rotor shaft dimensions
  • Replace and run in bearings if necessary
  • Verify proper operating temperatures of mill bearings
  • Inspect rotor blades and replace if necessary
  • Inspect rotor, rotor bore dimensions and blade retaining rings
  • Inspect screen frame assembly and replace grinding jaws and screens if necessary
  • Dynamically balance rotor with precision balancing equipment
  • Check and optimize air flows through system
  • Verify proper feed rates for the mill
  • Inspect and verify operation of mill safety interlocks and verify proper mill grounding
  • Train customer maintenance personnel as checks and inspections are performed and supply operator/maintenance manual updates when available

In addition:

Prater offers our preventive maintenance customers a 10% discount on all parts ordered 30 days before or after each scheduled service visit and a 10% discount off service labor rates for unscheduled service visits during the maintenance agreement period.

If you should have any questions regarding our Preventive Maintenance Agreement Or the services that we offer, please feel free to contact Prater Customer Service at 630-679-3234.