Airlock Size Recommendation Tool

Unsure of what Airlock size you need? Use the fields below to enter your application information to find the recommended Airlock size.

Thank you for choosing to use Prater’s Airlock Calculator Tool. Please note: this information is general in nature. The parameters of your specific application could require an alternate airlock model.

Please reach out to one of our specialists for specific recommendations.

To begin, please tell me a bit more about your application.

We suggest using 80% for fill factor.
Valves that do not operate under a head of material will only deliver their target capacity if fed the same rate from the upstream system. Please continue to use the calculator tool to select an appropriate size based on target capacity.

We suggest using 80% for fill factor.
Valves that don’t function as a metering device can be selected to meet or exceed the required target capacity. A larger model may be used if required to match a specific opening or flange pattern on the mating equipment.

We suggest using 70% as the fill factor.

We suggest using 90% as the fill factor.

We suggest using 80% as the fill factor

You may now begin using the calculator. Please note that we recommend a size that will result in a speed of:
10-20 RPM for most application
15-20 RPM for applications used as a metering device.

lbs/cu. ft

Available Airlock Models