Industrie di trattamento dei materiali sfusi

Oftentimes, other companies need powder and bulk material handling equipment and systems for their specific materials that may fall slightly outside of the food, baking, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, agricultural, and feed industries. Prater recognizes these other industries and is adept at handling their specific applications. We have worked for over 90 years to create customized solutions for particle management and dry bulk processing that incorporate a multitude of industries.

Our dry solids processing solutions have assisted many large and small companies within a variety of industries. Some of the products we have worked with include Spices, paints and pigments, sugar, glass, coatings, rubber, paper and pulp, plastics, wood, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, soybeans and oilseed, cement, synthetics, ceramic, soap and detergent resins, fertilizer, pet food, tobacco, confections, metals, asphalt, ingredients and extracts, dairy products and industrial products. We firmly believe, throughout our decades in business, that our processing equipment and systems are built to perfectly match our customers’ performance requirements and results. This approach has allowed us to maintain our status as a powerhouse company for engineering, manufacturing, and supplying industrial processing equipment and systems. With over 6,000 customers spanning the globe, Prater equipment is trusted for its high-quality durability and extensive array of applications.

Dalla lavorazione del pollame e dei mangimi per animali ai rivestimenti in polvere, agli aggregati e ai fertilizzanti, Prater serve un'ampia gamma di industrie con le sue attrezzature per il trattamento di materiali sfusi secchi e i suoi sistemi personalizzati.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Le soluzioni Prater per il trattamento dei materiali in diversi settori industriali comprendono:

Offriamo un'ampia gamma di apparecchiature di lavorazione, che possono essere personalizzate in base alle vostre esigenze aziendali, come ad esempio:

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