Sugar Grinding and Conveying System Upgrade

Project Scope:

Problem solved current system operating deficiencies and provided engineering solutions that grind and convey sugar at a nominal rate of 3,000 lbs/hr.

Customers’ Desired Results:

  • Mill product continuously at a rate of 3,000 lbs per hour.
  • Particle reduction to 6X powder.
  • Pneumatic convey product into a filter receiver and meter the product out at a consistent rate.
  • Assured no metal contamination into the production stream.
  • Incorporated explosion protection by providing explosion protection and suppression equipment to comply with OSHA and NFPA requirements.
  • Provided engineering solutions for current operating deficiencies.

Current System Operating Deficiencies:

  • Current system is under-performing with the rate of product per hour.
  • System is undergoing constant bearing failures.
  • Grinding stalls are producing caramelization of sugar in the mill.
  • Running equipment is causing excessive temperatures during the grinding and conveying process.
  • System tubing and piping is causing chronic reductions in air volume.

Engineered Solution:

  • Upgraded fine grinder from the M-21 to the M-36 fine grinder with 25 HP motor.
  • Two Prater PAV-6 rotary airlocks were integrated into the system to allow for consistent metering of the product.
  • Replaced current mill discharge hopper with Prater low airflow hopper. This hopper eliminates the air intake under the mill and lowers system air volume requirements.
  • Eliminated current air intake below the rotary feeder, re-piped existing starch line with 4″ O.D. tube, and provided branch damper upstream of starch feed.
  • Terminated mill air intake with long radius elbow, vertical up at 5 feet with pleated, high capacity air intake filter.
  • Upgraded to larger bin vent dust collector with lower air to cloth ratio.
  • Provided a new pressure blower, which will reduce stress on the grinder, thus extending the maintenance intervals on bearing spindles.
  • Re-routed current existing return line to new filter receiver instead of to the feed hopper.